The Single leg MLM plan is the simplest plan amongst other.

Single Leg MLM Plan

The single Leg compensation plan is that it goes down in one straight-line. Everyone who enrolls after you is under you. There are no branches; no filling levels, just one straight-line, going down forever. Those who signed up before you, it will help you to build your business.

Single leg Business plan (Monoline MLM Plan) is a straight line MLM Plan which consists only one leg for each member. It is also known as Linear MLM Plan. The concept is so simple as its name says. It’s all about pertaining to fall into the same “mono” (Single) line. Single leg business Plan is the most attractive single line MLM compensation plan in the network marketing industry and also the simplest business model that anyone can understand..

How Does SINGLE LEG MLM Plan Works?

The working which says that every member has to recruit only one distributor which doesn’t limit the earning possibilities, as the members are assured of some income when the new member is added on the line. There is always chance of some income as new member is added on a regular basis. In the majority of MLM companies, the upline can make or break your chances for success.

That cannot happen in a one leg plan since everyone is on the same team and running in the same leg. Members on the top gets more income, but members in low line also start earning as chain starts growing. This brings opportunity for everyone to earn more in this plan. The single leg plan is highly recommended plan because of its simple working structure and massive earning possibility.

Single Leg MLM Plan

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